5 EASY Ways to eat stress-free, guilt-free and Merrily this Christmas

Macadamia nut salad Photo: changinghabits.com.au

1. Be Aware of your choices. Drinking! Chose clear or cleaner alcoholic drinks, avoiding sugars. Say no to soft drinks being wise with keeping your nutrient levels high, especially water. Mineral water with fresh lime and your choice of spirit is ideal. Whatever drink you choose, stick to it only and remember, every alcoholic drink should be matched with a glass of water. Snack and join in the food festivities, but remember what you enjoy and which foods make you feel good. Food hangovers are as real as alcohol induced ones.

2. Think before you Eat! When mid conversation and the finger food is waved before you, take a moment! Allow others to go before you, to allow just a moment for your mind to intervene your happy belly’s thoughts!  Snack and join in the food festivities, but remember which foods you really enjoy and what foods make you feel good. Food hangovers are as real as alcohol induced ones, and your digestive system will create havoc in the days after removing the combination of unfamiliar and overindulgent foods you feed it. 

3. Create an EASY Menu Plan. Have you day of foods pre-planned or eating elsewhere and it’s appropriate, take a dish or two to share that you will enjoy. Changing Habits has done the work for you with THREE complete Menu Plan options filled with 28 deliciously nutritious recipes free of gluten and diary, with some also nut, sugar and egg free. For your FREE Christmas Recipe e-Book, visit changinghabits.com.au

  • Pecan, cinnamon spiced fruit cake Photo: changinghabits.com.au
  • Choc orange turmeric and cinnamon bliss balls Photo: changinghabits.com.au
  • Raspberry panna cotta Photo: changinghabits.com.au
  • Walnut, pear and fetta roast veggie salad Photo: changinghabits.com.au
  • Macadamia nut salad Photo: changinghabits.com.au

4. Pre-make and Bake Now! Get some Christmas treats ready now. Christmas Bliss Balls can be rolled and frozen, Mince Pies, cookie dough, tart bases and the traditional stuffing mix. Keep ingredients for dips and pates for a quick and easy mix, and have your Christmas Cake recipe prepared. If you have a specific food intolerance or diet preference, having partially made foods ready to go will become a great time-saver.

5. EASY, Flavourful Festive Foods! We have some of the best flavours in fresh, seasonal foods in Australia. Choose a rainbow of colours with fruit and vegetable ingredients, add boiled eggs to salad topped with crunchy sourdough. Recipes don’t need to be complicated to impress guests and a lot of freshness is always welcomed during the festive season. 

For a copy of the FREE Christmas Recipe e-Book from Changing Habits, with THREE complete meal plans for Christmas day and more, visit changinghabits.com.au  Available online until 16 December!