Agnes Janich: The Way To You

Agnes Janich: The Way To You, a performative installation at North Bondi Children’s Pool, 
Sunday, June 19th, 3.30-5pm,
followed by an Artist’s Talk at 6.00-8pm at Bondi Pavillion, Theater Room.

"The Way to You by Agnes Janich is a project recollecting a moment during the Warsaw Uprising, a part of World War II, when a woman carried her wounded lover across the Vistula river to safety. Neither the 3-5m deep and 350m wide river, nor artillery fire could stop her.

The incident is parallel to the heroic effort of the Waverley Council Lifeguards & Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club members honorable actions of the Black Sunday in 1938.

Described “I have never seen, nor expect to see again, such a magnificent achievement. It was a scene I’ll never forget (…) your surf men. There are none like them in the world.

The way to another person, calling or continent is often murky and tumultous, not unlike the ocean waters. Still, for the person who made his choice, it is the way to lead a meaningful life.

Love – and do whatever you want."

Agnes Janich: The Way To You