Coming to see Aunt Sophie

Statue of Jan Karski outside the main entrance to POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw. Photo Michael Shur
Newsweek labelled Jan Karski one of the most prominent personalities of the 20th century, and his mission was described as one of the ethical milestones of our civilization. The story of Karski’s mission encapsulated some of the most challenging ethical and historical dilemmas of the Twentieth Century. Jan Karski epitomized the essence of the tragic fate of European Jews but his story was also a lesson about the best and the worst qualities of human nature. 
Jan Karski has been recognised in Germany, Poland,  the USA however not in Australia.

COMING TO SEE AUNT SOPHIE by Arthur Feinsod, directed by Moira Blumenthal will be staged together with Shalom Encounters for the first time in Sydney from 30th July through 23rd August 2015.
The cast:
 • Nicholas Hope – Old Karski
 • Graeme McRae – Young Karski
 • Tim McGarry – Male Other
 • Beth Aubrey – Female Other

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