As a season of peace and goodwill, Christmas has special significance for those of Christian faith and for Australians of every background. It is a special time for family, community and love.

It is also a time to redouble our commitments to the less fortunate in our society. I encourage everyone to reach out and assist the many wonderful charities who are working to brighten the lives of others with their generosity at this time of year.

We acknowledge the efforts of those serving our community over the holidays—thank you to our police officers, nurses, fire fighters and transport workers, as well as the troops representing our nation at home and overseas away from their families. We are grateful for their sacrifice, particularly over the Christmas period.

Above all, Christmas is a moment to reflect on how fortunate we are as Australians to live in a land of hope and opportunity, enriched by the contributions of people from all around the world and our common commitment to peace and mutual respect. We should feel justifiably proud of our many achievements, and grateful for our many blessings.

With these thoughts in mind, Lucy and I wish all Australians a very safe and merry Christmas and a happy New Year.




The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP
Prime Minister of Australia 

December 2017