New Training Opportunity For Migrant Scientists

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A new training program targeting migrant scientists will draw upon their overseas science qualifications and their migrant experiences to train them to run school science presentations.

Applications are now open for the Migrant Science Communication Accelerator program, created by the Royal Society of Victoria, Cultural Infusion and Australian Science Communicators. This program will prepare “qualified but not recognised” migrant scientists to shape their skills and knowledge into educational and intercultural programs that can be marketed directly to primary and secondary schools to support Australian science teachers.

Australia has a shortage of maths and science teachers. Science is one of the great international endeavours – with scientists from many countries and many cultures routinely working together to solve otherwise intractable problems.  Australia’s migrant scientists have invaluable, hands-on experience to bring to our schools about the way this world really works – stories that can excite and motivate students to seek out careers in science and engineering.

But Australia’s migrant scientists are more likely to be working as taxi drivers or cleaners than as scientists. Many have given up trying looking for work altogether, their qualifications having been unrecognised, their migrant experiences unappreciated and their scientific skills under-utilised. This program provides an opportunity to have those qualifications, experiences and skills put to use.  Trainees will learn how to run their own science communicator enterprises and will be making positive contributions to Victorian schools and the Australian economy.

Training will delivered by Cultural Infusion at their Collingwood premises in inner-city Melbourne.

Applications for the February/March intake open on 1st December and close on 30th December 2016.
See the Cultural Infusion website for more information:​