Old people’s home for 4-year-olds

You may know by now that the second series of the ABC’s Emmy-award-winning television program Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds has been broadcast during April.

In the program, a group of eleven older adults who live at home join a group of lively four-year-olds in a specially designed intergenerational play school for learning, connection and friendship. The effects on both groups are observed through the different activities they undertake. You can still watch all episodes on ABC iview.

To coincide with the program, the Older Person Advocacy Network has partnered with the ABC to help older people access existing community supports with a new initiative called Stay Connected and Supported in Your Community.

This includes a website that will connect you with volunteer visitors, information about existing aged care and home-based community services, support programs and more. If you are a family member or representative of an older person, and want to help them connect in their neighbourhood, you’ll find ways to do that too!

There’s also a new national free-call Stay Connected and Supported Line, 1800 001 321, to give you information and help you access services to stay connected to your community and supported in your home.

Source COTA