Open Day of the Polish Embassy


We are pleased to announce that the Embassy of Poland participates in the 2015 edition of the Windows to the World project, organized jointly by diplomatic missions accredited in Canberra, the ACT Government and the Australian Institute of International Affairs. The open day of our mission will be held on 27th September from 12.00-3.00 pm and it will feature an outdoor rock concert by Billy Neal, Lez Karski & The Polecats, the showcase of a world famous Polish brand INGLOT Cosmetics, exhibition of pictures featuring Warsaw and a promotion of a publication on Polish-Australian relations by Dr Gosia Klatt from the University of Melbourne. Polish food stall and refreshments will be available for guests. You will also get an opportunity to take a picture at the original plaque from Australia`s highest peak Mt Kosciuszko.

If you would like to enjoy a picnic style event at our Embassy please do not hesitate and register for the event on the following web site: