PolArt Sydney 2022


Polish art and culture enlightens and entertains audiences globally. Centuries of leading contributions to the arts have woven a rich tapestry through time. From composer Frederic Chopin through director Andrzej Wajda, to internationally-acclaimed artistic ensembles such as Mazowsze and Śląsk – Poland’s contribution to music, film and dance is world-renowned. At PolArt 2022 Sydney, you and your family will experience the best that Polish arts and culture has to offer. Through December and January Sydney will be filled with events spanning the ages from early classical music concerts and folk dance performances, to visual media and theatrical workshops that weave in the hopes and joys of the present. PolArt 2022 Sydney  will celebrate the diversity, beauty and richness of Poland’s long-held traditions and exemplify how they continue to influence contemporary society.