MESSAGE FROM THE HON. RAY WILLIAMS MP, Minister for Multiculturalism

I am delighted to send my best wishes to everyone in New South Wales celebrating Polish Constitution Day on 3 May.
This public holiday celebrates the declaration of the constitution of 1791, one of the world’s oldest written constitutions that has inspired generations of Polish people to fight for a fair and independent society.
Polish communities regard this as a crucial symbol for Poles living across the world, and the constitution’s central message still resonates today.

Our long-standing relationship was cemented by experiences during the siege of Tobruk during the Second World War, when Australian and Polish soldiers fought side by side.
Polish migrants have preserved their traditions of language and culture while espousing Australian values and demonstrating a commitment to our harmonious, multicultural society.
The NSW Government is proud to recognise the many contributions to our state made by Polish Australians and wishes everyone a happy Constitution Day.

Ray Williams MP
Minister for Multiculturalism

NSW government