Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy – Penrose Park needs your help!


Dear Friends, our Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy – Penrose Park is now threatened by one of Australia’s biggest sand mines to be built on our boundary, just metres from our Sacred Grotto. Penrose Park attracts thousands of national and international pilgrims a year.

We are extremely concerned about this huge mine on our border. This is a 47 hectare open-cut pit (about the size of our Penrose Park) to 39 metres below the water table, which will reduce and pollute our and our neighbours water supplies. Noise, blasting and light pollution 24 hours a day will ruin our peace and tranquility and interupt our worship. Dust will affect our health and damage our shrines. Clearing 63 hectares of native bush will harm our native flora and fauna and critically block this section of the Great Western Wildlife Corridor.

Please help us in this fight.

1st:  Make an individual submission objecting this project URGENTLY at Major Planning NSW Government

2nd: Join the SAVE OUR SANDS ALLIANCE and get information on how to make a submission to oppose the mine. Send an email to