Sydney Animal Shelter Urgently Appealing for Donations During Kitten Influx

The champagne kittens (Annie, Pepper and Duff) were brought to Sydney Dogs & Cats Home in late March with gunky eyes and suspected ringworm. The vets at the Home wiped down their eyes and sent them into foster care for ringworm treatment. Image credit: Caroline McCarthy.

Over the last few months, Sydney Dogs & Cats Home has been caring for an influx of kittens that have been arriving with council rangers due to warm weather and increased breeding. Kittens have arrived from multiple local government areas across Sydney including Bayside, Fairfield, Georges River, North Sydney and Waverley.

As Sydney’s only charity pound, the shelter is appealing to the community to help fund their ‘Kitten Kitty’ and ensure every treatable kitten receives the life-saving care they need.

Dr Renae Jackson caring for Misty the kitten.jpg

Sydney Dogs & Cats Home Animal Care Manager Dr Renae Jackson said the Home has been caring for an increase in kittens since November, which is taking a financial toll on the charity.

“Every year from November to June, dozens of kittens arrive each week desperately requiring veterinary care,” she said.

“Many kittens arrive with highly contagious health concerns like cat flu, ringworm and parasites, which can be expensive to treat. It can cost upwards of $1,500 to care for a kitten from impound to adoption.”

Sydney Dogs & Cats Home General Manager Mark Hearnden said the shelter developed the Kitten Kitty to ensure every kitten receives the treatment and care they need.

“We support the Getting to Zero movement, which means we strive to rehome every healthy and treatable kitten that comes through our doors, and we never place a time limit on any animal awaiting adoption,” he said.

“That’s why we created the ‘Kitten Kitty’ a few years ago, to ensure we can keep this promise for our kittens. But the Kitten Kitty is running dangerously low, and we need community support to raise $49,500 by the end of April to ensure we can continue to care for the many kittens that will arrive in the following months.”

Sydney Dogs & Cats Home has cared for over 186 kittens since the beginning of this kitten season. After their treatment and care, the kittens become available for adoption on the Sydney Dogs & Cats Home website, looking for homes that best suit their individual needs.

To make a contribution to the Kitten Kitty, visit