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Henley Passport Global Ranking 2021

For some people, a passport is a portal to the world. For others, it is a barrier to the travel freedom they seek. Where do you lie on the spectrum of mobility? The Henley Passport Index is the most rigorous and sophisticated measure of global access. It goes beyond a […]


Grey nomad lifestyle provides a model for living remotely

Grey nomads are champions of a radical type of portable urbanism as they travel to far-flung places like Lake Ballard in Western Australia. Image courtesy of Tourism Western Australia, Author provided Timothy Moore, Monash University Every other year, retired couple Jorg and Jan journey some 5,000 kilometres in their campervan from […]


Linie Emirates wyróżnione

 Dubaj, ZEA — Linie Emirates otrzymały nagrodę za najlepszy system rozrywki pokładowej w plebiscycie APEX Passenger Choice Awards 2017 podczas ceremonii, która odbyła się w  Long Beach w stanie Kalifornia. Prezes linii sir Tim Clark zdobył wyróżnienie za całokształt pracy — APEX CEO Lifetime Achievement Award. Przewoźnik zwyciężył także w […]


SmartGates at Australian international airports

COMPLETION OF DEPARTURES SMARTGATE ROLL-OUT The $50 million roll-out of SmartGates has been completed with all 83 gates now in operation across Australia’s eight international airports.  This week also marked the 10 millionth passenger to have self-processed through departure SmartGates since the first gate was installed in June last year. […]